Create an engaging onboarding experience for Wacom's new social network.

Many of their current users are using their Wacom products as an expensive paperweight. Wacom is looking to increase user engagement to contact and engage repeat customers as they promote new products. 


To increase user engagement and motivate artists to pick up their tablet pens again, users must first be inspired.

This interactive platform welcomes artists to share and inspire fellow creatives. Daily challenges will give users who want to build their skills a reason to revisit the application. By allowing users to explore the interface firsthand, they will understand what this application has to offer and what sort of talent is utilizing this platform.

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This two-week sprint plan includes:

& Planning

+ Ideation
+ Research
+ Competitive analysis
+ User flows

& Validation

+ Wireframe
+ Usability testing + revise
+ Style tiles
+ Hi-fidelity mockups

& Animation

+ Interactive prototype
+ A/B Testing
+ Prototype refinements
+ Animation


Understanding potential entry points during a user's journey.

By letting the user explore the interface, we must understand what actions require an account and which ones don't. This will help us identify when it would be necessary to introduce a login or sign up pop-up. Allowing users to engage with the application will reduce the amount of flakey users and bring in ones that are committed to the product.

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A creative platform such as this requires a simple, yet approachable design for its visual rich content to shine.

The type of users who will be interacting with this app are artists, dreamers, explorers. This gave me room to experiment with more creative gestures like drawing certain shapes.

Many artists tend to create separate "pages" for their professional accounts, therefore, social sign-in was not needed since Wacom wouldn't be able to extract more personal data.

Individualized pop-up messages to login or sign-up were more pleasant to digest than a generic sentence.


"One" is the golden ticket to happiness. When multiple gestures were introduced, users found it cumbersome. 

In the first iteration, I experimented with several gestures to complete a task (draw a circle to enter, a line to continue). The first gesture was met with positive response but the following ones weren't. The circle was kept and introduced in the welcoming screens.

To test how effective the welcome screens are, I placed the interactive element (to draw a circle) on the first screen vs. the last screen.

A/B Testing Results:

  • Screen A: Circle was placed on the first page. Users expected to be taken to the next slide instead of skipping straight to the interface
  • Screen B: Circle was moved to the last page. Adding swipe instructions on the first made it more clear.

The winner:

Screen B


To measure the onboarding design's success, we set these KPI goals to be monitored after product launch.


  • Number of user registrations over a month.


  • Number of circles drawn on the welcome screen vs. app downloads
  • Login/Signup button clicks from registration pop-ups
  • Are users completing their profile
  • Community activity on a weekly basis (uploads, likes, comments, and shares)


  • Number of clicks on the login button
  • User activity after 90 days

Aspiring. Creative. Approachable. 

The interface should use a greyscale palette to let the artist's work shine. In areas where artwork is not presented, use Wacom's brand colours to add personality. Quicksand's rounded characters are fun and generally met with a positive response.

Illustrations belong to Olly Moss, Oliver Barrett, Yao Yao, and Arturas Jelesinas.

UX Designer

Student Project